Baghdad City Map


ISBN: 978-3-906593-36-4

3. Edition 2007

Baghdad Centre 1:9'000,  Baghdad City 1:25'000, Bagdad Airport 1:25'000, Bagdad Vicinity 1:850'000

Field survey in April 2004 by Martin Herzog, up-dated in 2007

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Baghdad City Map

After many requests, we set to work re-designing the Baghdad city map. But a 6-million strong city such as Baghdad cannot be re-mapped overnight. We have made a start and updated important regions. You can see an example from the district of Mansur.

Baghdad City 1: 25'000 - old edition, Dezember 2002


Baghdad City 1: 25'000 - new editions, 2004 und 2007

Even before the first Iraq war, Mansur was a district of mansions. Rich Iraqis and diplomats spend their free time in the noble clubs. With the invasion of the Iraqis into Kuwait, the situation changed abruptly. Saddam Hussein, the dictator once pampered by the West, fell from grace. The diplomats left Iraq. Saddam Hussein, for his part, had to search out new friends and tried to curry favour with the Muslims, who had been despised and persecuted until then. As is usual for a “great leader”, he did this with megalomaniac monumental structures. The Rahman mosque, built in lieu of the racecourse, would have been the largest mosque in Iraq, if it had ever been finished. Saddam Hussein also started building what was planned to be the biggest mosque in the world anywhere. The project did not emerge from beyond the foundation walls.


Rahman Mosque, April 2004, © Martin Herzog


Baghdad - A city in change

Many palaces, public buildings and ministries were bombed, plundered and even burned down. Other ministries became insignificant due to the American occupation or were only interim solutions. Some regions and roads were blocked off to the public. With a new legend, we are trying to organise the ever-confusing situation in Baghdad as well as possible in the map.
Due to the press reports of bombings and hostilities, it is easy to overlook the fact that there is a completely normal life in Baghdad.

Vegetable Market in Karada


We have marked and classified the important shopping streets in the new edition of the map.

Baghdad Vicinity 1:850'000

The map of Baghdad and its surroundings has been enriched with information related to the most recent episodes in history.

Abu Ghraib – the dreaded jail of the ruler.