Island Peak Climbing Map


ISBN 978-3-906593-20-3

1. Edition 2004, GPS compatible

Mountain climber map of Island Peak / Imja Tse (Nepal) 1:20'000, climbing layouts (route topo), description of 4 different routes on the Island Peak, summit panoramic map

Drawn by Swiss mountain guide and extreme mountaineer Sacha Wettstein.

Sample from the map content

islandpeak_topoIsland Peak 1:20'000

islandpeak_routeClimbing layout (route topo)


On the map, 4 different routes on the Island Peak are described (in 6 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Nepalese and Japanese).

islandpeak_panoramaSummit panoramic map 

islandpeak_khumbuWhere is the Island Peak (Imja Tse) and how do I get there?

islandpeak_profileHeight profile from Lukla to the Island Peak

islandpeak_chukhung Lodges and camping ground in Chukhung