Nepal Road Map

ISBN 978-3-906593-23-4
2. Edition 2009
Nepal road map 1:1 million, Kathmandu Valley 1:250'000, Pokhara Valley 1:250'000, distance and climate tables

Sample from the map content

Nepal Road Mapnepal_roadmap

Sample from Nepal Road Map 1:1 million

The map content has been newly compiled and researched from scratch and was the only Nepal map to depend on for many years. Today, we can say, it is often imitated but never beaten. The 2nd and improved edition of Gecko Maps is and remains a cartographic masterpiece.

Despite the great abundance of names, the map is easy to read due to its clear concept. Import locations, national parks, mountain summits and lakes are marked with coloured text boxes, making orientation easier.

Sophisticated symbols lead the map user to all the attractions of the country. Locations of petrol stations, police stations, hospitals and motels along the important roads have been collected by Nepalese cartographers during a 3000 km motorbike tour through Nepal.

The trekking regions have been mapped in cooperation with the mountain guide and Nepal expert Bernhard Rudolf Banzhaf. The vegetation levels provide the viewer with a good impression of the country. As a result, our map is refreshingly different to the usual, greyish maps.


Sample from the detailed map of the Pokhara Valley 1:250'000

The traffic centres of Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley are shown in more detail and provide you with a rapid overview of any excursions worth making.

nepal climat
Twenty climate diagrams help you when planning your trip. Some regions of Nepal are virtually impassable during the monsoon; other regions are not affected by the monsoon and are ideal for trekking during this time.

Sample from the distance table