East Tibet Road Map


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1. Edition 2014, GPS compatible

East Tibet road map 1:1,6 million; monasteries, pilgrims’ ways, holy mountains and sites, Lhasa railway, overview map of historical Tibet


East Tibet Road Map 1:1,6 Mio.east tibet mapThe East-Tibet map provides a comprehensive overview of sacred mountains , lakes and places and pilgrimage routes, festivals and nomadic festivals.

east tibet labrang neuThe famous Gelukpa Labrang Monastery was founded in the 18th century and is one of the largest in Tibet. In Labrang aspiring monks study at six major faculties.

Over the Sun Moon Pass ( Nyima Dawa La / Sun and Moon Pass ) get tourists to Ziling (Ch. Xining). Xining is the capital of the province Qinghai.east tibet tongkor

Historic Tibettibet_historical

The historical provinces of Tibet Ngari, Tsang , Ü, Kham and Amdo. After the Chinese invasion of 1950, the administration of Tibet was reorganized. The Tibet (ART) Autonomous Region is not even half the size of the historic Tibet. The other Tibetan language sites are part of Gansu, Qinghai , Sichuan, and Yunnan. Additional background information and facts about Tibet, visit the following pages :

Tibetan Script
tibet_bilingualImportant places are labeled bilingual (Roman and Tibetan).

Gormo (Golmud) - Lhasa Railway
east tibet lhasarailway Of course, the new railway Gorme (Golmud) - Lhasa is registered with the main stations.