Kailash Trekking- und Panoramic Map


ISBN 978-3-906593-17-3

4. Edition 2014

Trekking map 1:50'000, Darchen 1:4'000, Tibet 1:12 million; Kailash panoramic map


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      Kailash Trekking Map 1:50'000

      The Trans Himalayan is a solitary, desolate mountain. Without good map material, you can easily lose your way.

      kailash driragompaSample from the Kailash Trekking Map 1:50'000

      We will lead you safely to the interesting spots around Mount Kailash.kailash_admission

      We give appropriate instructions to the places you should not visit because of the respect for other religions.

      Tibet Map 1:12 million
      kailash_12thHow do I get to Kailash? The overview map provides information about airports, routes and distances.

      Map of Darchen 1:4'000
      kailash darchen neu

      Kailash Panoramic Mapkailashpano_kailash
      Der Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain in the world.kailashpano_medicalDarchen is the starting point and destination of the Kailash-Kora (Kailash circumnavigation).kailashpano_chiuThe Chiu Monastery on Manasarovarsee.

      kailashpano_gurla_mandhataMountaineers leave the last high camp and then climb to the summit of Gurla Mandhata.

      For more information on Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute Mt. Kailash, please contact: chugtsang@freesurf.ch

      Kailash Medical School, Medical Clinic and Environment