Gecko Maps is a map publisher of Arne Rohweder GmbH.

The publisher has dedicated itself to creating the highest levels of quality in cartography and sets new standards with its map graphics. The particularly high density of information and topicality of the maps is due to the fact that our local employees provide research and the publisher works with proven experts.

The publishing house Gecko Maps is a specialist for the Himalaya region.

The large Himalaya-Tibet map has reached the cult status.

The Lhasa city map showing the traditional Tibetan architecture and townscape, is unique.

Also the trekking map of Mount Kailash, the most sacred mountain in Tibet, was published by Gecko Maps. The collection of local names in Tibetan script is of scientific importance.

For the first time Gecko Maps has mapped the region of the Tibetan Exile Government and Seat of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and published the satellite image map of Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj (India). Kathmandu city map, Nepal road map and Island Peak climbing maps were also published by Gecko Maps.
The detailed and visually beautiful travel and road maps of Laos and Cambodia were also produced as well as the panoramic map of Angkor Wat.

Three maps cover the area of Tajikistan, split in Northern Tajikistan, Southern Tajikistan and the Pamirs sheets.

The topographic map of Santorini volcanic island is a cartographic jewel.

The Bagdad city map (Irak) is a speciality of the publishing house.

Gecko Maps has also published panoramic maps of Mount Kailash (Tibet), Meteora Monasteries (Greece), Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and new 3-D city map of Zurich (Switzerland).

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